There has long been a history of usage of Valley Street as a collector road.  From the early days of the History of Abingdon this road was a parallel route to Main Street.   As the community has grown and travelling has changed from horse and carriages, to vehicles, to large scale vehicles and trucks the way that Valley Street functions and feels is dramatically different.

In the 2022 time period there has been a concentrated effort to study the speed of traffic as well as accident data.


During December 2023, the Town of Abingdon installed electronic speed display signs on Valley Street and Cummings Street.

These signs display a motorist’s speed as it passes and provides feedback of that speed.  For example, if a vehicle is traveling over the posted speed limit then the sign may display a “Slow Down” message.  If a vehicle is traveling the speed limit then the sign may display a thumbs up, or a “Thank You.”  The goal of these signs is to make motorists aware of the speed limit and if their speed complies.

Below are links to the overview of the data collected from the Valley Street sign near the labyrinth park (200 Block).  Please note that the sign ONLY collects data for traffic traveling EAST.

2024 Valley Street Northeast Speed Report
2024 Count by Speed Range Report





Upon reviewing the data the Town of Abingdon hired RK&K to review the data and propose alternative solutions to provide Traffic Calming in on Valley Street.

The Community was invited to a Town Hall Meeting on February 1st, 2023.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide the residents a unified location to provide comments and to listen to the information that had been gathered.

Click here to view the presentation from the Town Hall Meeting.

Click here to view the Public Comments from the Meeting

A final proposal to the Town of Abingdon will be provided by RK&K at the end of March 2023.


Q. What are the total vehicles over 10mph on an average day on Valley?
A. 1.8%

Q. What are the total vehicles over 10mph during morning and evening rush hour on an average day on Valley?
A. Morning – 0.3% : Evening  1.3%


If you have additional questions regarding the roadway or the traffic data please contact:
Public Works Director, Michael Surrett  (276) 492-2126
Jon Holbrook, Chief of Police:  (276) 628-3111