Abingdon Food Truck Information

Section 7-2-25 Mobile vending.

[1-3-2023 by Ord. No. 2023.01.03]

(a)    Mobile vendors must obtain a Town mobile vending permit and a business license from the Town of Abingdon.

(b)    Mobile restaurants must maintain a valid health permit issued by the Virginia Department of Health.

(c)    No music shall be played that is audible outside of the vehicle unless a noise permit has been applied and approved from the Town of Abingdon.

(d)   Mobile vending vehicles shall not block:

(1)    The main entry drive isles or impact pedestrian or vehicular circulation overall;

(2)    Other access to loading areas; or

(3)    Emergency access and fire lanes; and

(4)    Must be positioned at least 15 feet away from fire hydrants, any fire department connection (FDC), driveway entrances, alleys, and handicapped parking spaces.

(e)    A mobile vendor may operate between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and between 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday (including set up and break down) on any one day at any single location, except during national holidays and Town events during which a mobile vendor may operate between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. midnight. The vehicle and all accessory structures shall be removed each day.

(f)    No signs may be displayed, except:

(1)    Those permanently affixed to the vehicle.

(2)    One A-framed sign not to exceed four feet in height and six square feet of display for each of the two sides; the sign cannot block any passageways.

(g)    Trash receptacles shall be provided, and all trash, refuse, or recyclables generated by the use shall be removed from the site by the operator at the end of the business day.

(h)    No liquid wastes shall be discharged from a mobile restaurant.

(i)     No mobile vendor shall locate within 100 feet of the entrance to a business that sells similar product (determined by measuring from the edge of the mobile vendor to the main public entrance of the brick-and-mortar establishment) unless permission by the owner of the brick-and-mortar establishment is provided.

(j)     No mobile vendor shall locate within 100 feet of a single-family or two-family residential use.

(k)    The operation of the mobile vendor or use of a generator should be no louder than 50 dBA at 100 feet away. Excessive complaints about vehicle or generator noise will be grounds for the Administrator to require that the mobile vendor change location on the site or move to another property.

(l)     Mobile vending shall occur within a movable licensed vehicle. Mobile vending cannot occur in a nonmotorized structure (detached flatbed, truck beds, tractor trailers, semitruck trailers or other structures).

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Information needed to complete your application as a vendor:

(If you are planning to file a vendor application, please read and collect all of the information below before filling out an application)

*IF YOU ARE an EXISTING Virginia business - you will have most of these documents.
*IF YOU ARE NOT an EXISTING Virginia business - please be aware that you will need to become a Virginia certified business before applying.

1. Valid Driver’s License for each person who will drive the food truck (provide copy) ( ? )

2. Current Vehicle Insurance Card (provide copy) ( ? )
Copy of insurance for truck pulling the food unit and/or insurance of food truck.

3. Current Vehicle Registration Card (provide copy) ( ? )
Copy of registration and insurance of truck pulling the food unit and/or copy of registration/insurance card of food truck.

4. Valid permit from the Virginia Department of Health stating that the food truck meets all applicable standards. A valid permit must be maintained for the duration of the permit. (provide copy)

  • Virginia Department of Health Permit( ? )
  • Commonwealth Virginia Mobile Food Unit License ( ? )
  • Food Establishment Inspection Report ( ? )

5. Valid inspection from Fire Marshal stating the food truck meets the requirements of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and all applicable standards. The food truck must be re-inspected on an annual basis. (provide copy) ( ? ) ( ? )
If vendor lives outside of town limits and has been inspected by state fire marshal, vendor can submit the passed inspection and the TOA fire department would not have to do another inspection.
All out-of-state vendors must be inspected by Chief Estes.

6. All applicable federal, state and local licenses/permits associated with the business (provide copy)
State Corporation Commission, Department of taxation, IRS employer number

  • State Corporation Commission ( ? )
  • Department of Taxation ( ? )
  • IRS Employer Number ( ? )

7. Proof of Insurance (provide copy) ( ? )
Mobile Food Service Policy/Liability Insurance Policy.

8. Two (2) wallet size photos of all authorized operators of the business (provide yearly) ( ? ) ( ? )
Wallet size pictures of owner/operator and all employees.

9. Typed names and addresses of all food truck personnel and copies of current food handler’s permits issued to personnel. (provide yearly) 

  • EX: Sally Smith - 111 E Main Street Abingdon  |  Jimmy Smith - 111 E Main Street Abingdon

*Owner must present a copy of current food handler’s permit.

10. Photo of truck, cart, signs, umbrellas and/or canopies with dimensions of each written on the back of each photo. ( ? ) ( ? )
This is for NEW VENDORS. However, please ask vendor renewing if anything has changed. New food truck? New signs?

11. $10.00 background investigation fee (Checks payable to 'Town of Abingdon')
Collect when all paperwork has been checked off and submitted.

12. Applicants must be located on private property with the property owner’s written permission. Copies of written permission may be requested for inspection by any authorized Town of Abingdon personnel. ( ? )
Has the vendor listed a certain place they will set up? If yes, they must present a letter from the owner of property to which they will set up the food truck. (Vendors are not allowed to set up at any Town property locations unless they are invited to participate in a town event)

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  • Online Application
    *Once submitted, gather and email the necessary documents to complete your application submission. 

  • Fillable PDF Application
    *You may choose to print and mail, email, or bring the application and necessary documents in person.


The necessary documents and fillable application must be completed, signed, and returned to:
Treasurer, Town of Abingdon
133 West Main Street, P.O. Box 789
Abingdon, VA 24212-0789

Food Truck Vendor Meals Taxes

Please be aware that that Town of Abingdon requires food truck vendors to collect a pass-through tax on all food.  That tax is 7%.

The best way to take those taxes are to add in both the Virginia Sales Tax and the Town of Abingdon after your food costs on a receipt.

Salsa $5.00
Chips $5.00
Drink $5.00
Subtotal $15.00
Sales Tax 5.3% $0.795
Abingdon Meals Tax 7% $1.05
Total $16.85
Tip ________
Total ________

Example of receipt showing tax.

You will need to fill out the tax remittance form and submit to the treasurer’s office.
You can submit the form via email mdavenport@abingdon-va.gov.
You can also call to pay the meals tax at (276) 492-2111