“Cemeteries are like a giant library of stories.”
― A.L. Mengel, The Mortician

On the Corner of Valley Street and Russell Road in Abingdon, Virginia, exists a piece of history dating back to the Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church, established in 1773. This church, led by Reverend Charles Cummings, laid the foundation to a cemetery that houses hundreds of headstones, memorials, and monuments dating all the way back to 1776.

When an individual leaves this world, it is of great importance that they have a lasting restful place that can be easily accessed by family, friends, and society.  Although many of these plots have stood the test of time, careful maintenance is needed to preserve the presentation and identification of the individuals at rest.

The Town of Abingdon is proud to offer the opportunity for volunteers to adopt these historic plots listed here and maintain them with attentive landscaping. Following volunteer acceptance, an adoption ceremony will be held to address any questions and concerns, provide a list of rules, and present individuals with their very own adoption garden stake.
Plot management training will be offered to ensure that everyone has the skillset necessary to get the job done!

If you are interested in adopting a plot, please print and sign the Volunteer application and T-Shirt forms listed below or fill out the forms at Abingdon Town Hall at 113 West Main Street, Abingdon, VA 24210. 

*You may mail the applications or bring them to Abingdon Town Hall

List of Plots

Adoptee T-Shirt Designs

Mail In or Return In-Person Volunteer Application Forms

Mail In or Return In-Person Volunteer T-Shirt Form

Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

To purchase stickers and additional shirts for your volunteer team, or for more information regarding the Adopt-A-Plot program, please contact:

Gabe Cristofari