About this Project

The Town of Abingdon is pleased to announce the granting of funds from the DEQ Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Program to conduct over $5 million dollars in upgrades to the failing sewer infrastructure, identified as Phase 1 repairs, within the corporate limits of Abingdon. On April 6th the Town of Abingdon will be releasing an Invitation to Bid, for Phase 1, of a multiyear Sanitary Sewer Maintenance and Repair Project.

The Town has secured additional funding to address related infrastructure issues reconciled from a comprehensive study being conducted by The Lane Group. Additional phases will target additional areas within the Town Limits over the next several years.

The Phase 1 target areas will be in the Whites Mill area of Town and the eastern end of Valley Street along Town Creek. The Town will make every effort to communicate the level of construction and access to various parcels in these target areas. The Town of Abingdon and/or its selected contractors will work with each property owner impacted to minimize the construction needs and time allotted to each segment.

The goal is to ensure the sewer system each resident relies on continues to function as expected. However, the system is aging, and many lines will need to be removed and replaced. The Town assures residents that minimizing the impact is the top priority. The contractor chosen to complete this work will be required to provide a top level of service to the residents. Extensive closed caption tv work has been conducted on the infrastructure in
this target area and recommendations to the extent of the repairs have been provided to warrant these specific types of repairs.

The Town estimates that the selected contractor will begin work on or after July 1, 2024. Phase 1 construction ranges from manhole repairs, spot repairs to underground sewer lines, maintenance and relining inadequate segments and areas where lines will be dug up and replaced. The Town and/or its contractors will inform and reasonably accommodate each property owner, as to where and how specific types of repairs and impacts associated with the Town’s sewer mains and lateral connections will be made within each parcel. Included in this press release is a map of the target area for the Phase 1 repairs.

The Town will make every effort to keep the public informed by updating the information for this project on social media and the town website.

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