Town Creek Flood Mitigation Study – Town of Abingdon, VA










The Town of Abingdon is conducting a flood mitigation study of Town Creek. The purpose of the study is to assess and identify flood problem areas within the study area along Town Creek to make informed recommendations for mitigating flooding conditions. The study area extends approximately 3.33 miles beginning from Town Creek northwest of the Walden Road and Branch Street intersection down to the confluence of Town Creek with Wolf Creek north of Vances Mill Road.

The study includes a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of Town Creek and contributing watershed and the development of capital improvement plan recommendations to reduce, improve or eliminate identified flooding problems within the study area.



Flooding improvement recommendations will be ranked in priority order based on several factors:
* Degree of Improvement
* Property Impacts
* Public Need
* Relative Costs

What are we Studying?
Town Creek has a history of flooding and particularly at Town Creek’s crossing of East Main Street. The goal of the flood mitigation study is to evaluate recent and recurring drainage and flooding problems and then develop recommendations to reduce or eliminate flooding problems and future flood risks.

Watershed Area = 5.99 square miles (3,833.6 acres)

Where is it?
3.3 miles of Town Creek from “Beginning of Study Area” to “End of Study”, is included in this study, as noted on this map.

How can I help inform this study?
Have you experienced flooding from Town Creek?
Have flooding issues been increasing in severity and frequency?
Do you have flooding pictures or videos to share?
Do you have thoughts or ideas on how to address Town Creek flooding issues?

What can I do about flooding?
By reviewing the Town Creek Flood Study information page, you have already taken the first step. The next step is to provide your comments on the flooding and drainage problems in the study area to our team. We will evaluate your concerns and then develop a list of stormwater improvement recommendations to reduce or eliminate flooding.

Please email flooding issues or concerns to the following address:

Town Creek Known Flooding & Drainage Issues
Identifying, evaluating and reducing flooding concerns and improving drainage conditions is a primary goal for the Town Creek Flood Study. Any relevant information you might provide will help us identify the biggest concerns in your neighborhood.

The Drainage Area Boundary is depicted on the map to the right.

Within the study area there are several areas of flooding concern. Your help is needed to make sure all known issues are accounted for within the study area. A few of these areas are shown in the pictures below.




Tanner Street: