The existing lane configurations at the Main Street(US-11) / Pecan Street intersection will be retained and an additional signal phase will be added. This phase will allow westbound traffic to begin moving prior to eastbound traffic, with a green ball for through traffic and a green arrow for left-turn traffic displayed. This will increase westbound left-turn traffic present near the front of the queue when the eastbound signal is red.  After a short period, the green arrow will end and green ball indications will be provided for both eastbound and westbound traffic. Westbound left-turns will then need to wait and yield to eastbound traffic before proceeding safely during this time period.

All motorized and pedestrian traffic in and around the Main Street/Pecan Street intersection area should use caution and be aware of the new traffic pattern and signalization.

The Town appreciates the patience and understanding of all residents, businesses, and motorists during this time as we strive to minimize inconveniences.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Michael Surrett (