Joel Jerkins

1 August, 2017 / Yes

Expires / Eligible for
Another Term?
Kathleen Bundy
7 December, 2018 /Yes
Sean Webb
5 August, 2016 / No
Cathy Lowe
7 January, 2016 / Yes
Rick Humphries, Alternate
7 January, 2016/ Yes
Janice Cowan
January 2018 / Yes
Janet Woolwine
2 June, 2016 / Yes
Susanne Lay
Ex-Officio / Continual
Joel Jerkins
1 August, 2017 / Yes
Chase Mitchell
1 February, 2017 / Yes
Amy Ball Braswell
7 February, 2017 / Yes
Marcy Miller
7 February, 2017 / No
Chris Lowe
2 December, 2019 /Yes
Donna Price
1 May, 2017 / No
Martha Keys
2 May, 2017 / Yes
Becky Nave
7 November, 2017 /Yes
Susan Yates
5 December, 2017 /No
Jennifer Montgomery
Ex-Officio / Continual

Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) meets regularly on the first Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm in the
Arthur Campbell room on the first floor of  Town Hall.

Tourism Advisory Commission Meetings
(Includes Minutes, Agendas, and Packets)

The Abingdon Town Council’s creation of a Tourism Advisory Committee is to pursue the following purposes and duties

* Encourage and support the goals and objectives of the town.

* Provide an official channel of input on tourism issues from attractions and businesses to the office of tourism, town management and the town council.

* Provide resources and support to the director of tourism by sharing information and experiences on tourism issues.

* Cultivate cooperative efforts in advertising, publicity, research and other aspects of the promotion of tourism.

* Coordinate tourism development with other agencies in order to avoid duplication of efforts.