The Town of Abingdon, Virginia has mailed via U. S. Postal Service, first class mail, the annual business license application.  This application is required for all new and existing businesses in the Town pursuant to the Town of Abingdon Code Section 18-28.  License Required.

THE APPLICATION IS DUE ON MARCH 1, 2018 BY 6:00 pm.   Any applications filed after March 1, 2018 shall be subject to penalty and interest.  Applications can be mailed to Abingdon Town Hall, Finance Department, P O Box 789, Abingdon, Virginia  24212 or delivered to the Town Hall located at 133 West Main Street, Abingdon, VA.

If you are a business in the Town of Abingdon and do not receive your business license application by January 31, 2018, by mail, please contact the Finance Department, 276.628.3167, to request an application.