Notice – Planning Commission Meeting – August 27, 2018

for the
Town of Abingdon Planning Commission

A request for modifications to a property located within the Historic District Entrance Corridor Overlay has been filed with the Town of Abingdon’s Planning Commission.  The request is described below:

Location:   Town of Abingdon Meadows Property
Proposal:   Final Architectural Design of Proposed Structures for Sports Complex
Applicant:   Town of Abingdon
Applicant’s Contact:  Matthew Bolick, Town of Abingdon, 276-628-3167

You are receiving this notice because public records indicate that you own property near or adjacent to the property listed in this request, which has been scheduled for a hearing before the Planning Commission.  Recipients of this notice may wish to share it with their neighbors whose property is nearby the above noted location.

The purpose of the meeting is to allow citizens to comment regarding potential impacts the proposed changes would have on their properties or on the area in general, and to identify issues or concerns related to the appropriateness of the request.  The meeting is not the appropriate setting to learn about a proposal for the first time.  It is difficult to gain understanding of a proposal and offer well thought out comments during the relatively short time of the meeting.

If you would like more information about this request, you could contact the Town of Abingdon Planning Department at (276) 628-3167 prior to the meeting.  You may also contact the applicant’s contact person listed above.

MEETING DATE:   August 27, 2018 TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION:  Town of Abingdon Town Hall, 133 W. Main St., Arthur Campbell Room – 1st Floor

The meeting facilities of the Town of Abingdon are accessible to people with disabilities.  Anyone needing special accommodations should call 276-628-3167.